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Product photography of clothes

About product photography of clothes ・ What is an attractive photo? ・ Natural feeling is important for clothes ・ Minimize image processing and editing ・ Clothes have their original shape Most of the shooting takes time due to preparation etc. I think there are really only a few people in the field who are ready to shoot

Burden of centrifugal force by washing machine

Today we are talking about the load on washing and washing machines.

 In today's era, with the advancement of high technology, higher performance computers and machines are being developed every day.

 The washing machine is one of them, and all processes are completed just by pressing the course button and starting.

 In addition, the number of washing machines that are constantly being improved and improved, such as the movement of machines during the development stage, the time required for washing, and the structure that makes it easier to remove dirt, are increasing.

 So if you think about it,

 Technology that removes dirt, reduces washing speed, and has a drying function can adjust the temperature to make it softer, but what about damage to fabrics and clothing?

 Regarding damage, I think this is a heavy burden.

 A washing machine can wash textiles, fabrics, and other materials and textures by washing the entire clothing with a constant mechanical load, regardless of the type of clothing put in.

 Of course, if possible, it is better to select and wash delicate items, but depending on the item, it may be necessary to wash it several times.

 What about hand washing?

 Hand washing can be performed softly according to the fabric and material, minimizing the load on the fabric and clothing.  Of course, compared to the mechanical power of the washing machine, I think that the cleaning power is far inferior, but if you perform pretreatment before washing, you can sufficiently remove dirt, and also the texture of the fabric and clothing  It is possible to wash without spoiling as much as possible.

 Nevertheless, there are some types of washing machines that are very convenient, so even if you use a machine, it is possible to reduce the applied load by washing and dehydrating according to the material, fabric and clothing.

 For example, dehydration time

 5 minutes → 3 minutes

 Just shortening the time can significantly reduce the wrinkles of the fabric, fiber, and the entire garment, and if you need an iron, you can easily iron it.

 For example, if the dehydration time is set to 1 minute and 30 seconds, the load can be further reduced, and even if a washing machine is used, the damage to the fabric and clothing is sufficiently suppressed compared to the 5 minute dehydration time.  Is possible.

 Washing → rinsing → dehydration

 If the washing machine can be used with the proper time setting depending on what is washed in these processes, it will prevent that much damage ...


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