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Product photography of clothes

About product photography of clothes ・ What is an attractive photo? ・ Natural feeling is important for clothes ・ Minimize image processing and editing ・ Clothes have their original shape Most of the shooting takes time due to preparation etc. I think there are really only a few people in the field who are ready to shoot

Warmth due to material differences

Hello everyone (^ ^)

 This time, I will write about the winter clothes.

 Speaking of cold winter allies who will be active in the future, it is winter clothes ♪

 In recent years, a wide variety of materials have emerged, and a wide variety of winter clothing has come to be sold.

 When choosing your winter clothing at the store, have you decided to use it as a starting point?

 ● Is the first design look or favorite design?


 ● Would you choose by features such as warmth and windproof?

 ● What do you decide based on the texture?

 It would be great if the design was good, and the functions and materials were the warmest (^^)

 It can be worn lightly in the cold mid-winter season, and is it now the classic orthodox warm winter clothing?

 Downwear is difficult to pass through the cold winds of midwinter, and most of the downwear is relatively light except for downs with high design.

 There is also heat retention, so if you choose warmth, isn't it the warmest winter clothing you want to choose first?

 As winter clothes,

 Not only down but also coat is very popular.

 There are many types and various things,

 The material of the coat,

 The coat will feel quite warm, especially wool, cashmere and angora, especially those made with 100% natural materials.

 There are many 50% of natural materials and 50% of synthetic fibers, but the price is a little higher, but if you value warmth, we recommend a 100% natural material coat.

 aside from that,

 In recent years, in Japan, synthetic fiber coats that have been seen in most shops,

 There is a bonding coat.

 This bond coat is also hard to ventilate as a function and feels very warm when worn.

 However, the bond coat has its own characteristics.

 That is the same properties as the polyurethane I wrote in the previous article.

 As you may know, the bonding coat has a dough and an adhesive core that attaches the dough.

 The adhesive core also deteriorated in about three years, like the polyurethane in the previous article, and then ...


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