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Product photography of clothes

About product photography of clothes ・ What is an attractive photo? ・ Natural feeling is important for clothes ・ Minimize image processing and editing ・ Clothes have their original shape Most of the shooting takes time due to preparation etc. I think there are really only a few people in the field who are ready to shoot

Luxury clothing

Hi everyone ☺️

 This time about luxury clothing.

 There are various types of high-end clothing, but I would like to think about the fabric used for the high-end clothing.

 繊 維 In recent years, the number of fibers used in fabrics and clothing has increased significantly.

 As the types and methods of fabric used in fabrics and clothing increase, a variety of visual and tactile things such as designs, colors, textures, etc. come to be produced, and new ideas can be enjoyed with more free thinking.  Will be able to do.

 Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages such as aging of the shape and texture, deterioration and lifespan, but there are also things that can be used as fashion and design.

 That's why it has become so diverse and free to manufacture.

 However, even for existing materials, for example, cotton and wool, other materials are also ranked, and when it comes to high-quality fabrics and clothing, higher ranks are used.

 This high-ranking item is often used in so-called luxury clothing and high-priced product fabrics.

 Even the same cotton and wool are classified by rank, and the difference is evident when compared by rank of the same material.


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