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Product photography of clothes

About product photography of clothes ・ What is an attractive photo? ・ Natural feeling is important for clothes ・ Minimize image processing and editing ・ Clothes have their original shape Most of the shooting takes time due to preparation etc. I think there are really only a few people in the field who are ready to shoot

Fabric landing point

Good evening everyone!

 Now, let's talk about the landing point of the dough needed for ironing.

 As soon as you do ironing at home?

 I think that many people who do not usually iron often think that ironing is troublesome, but when ironing, it is said that it is a little hand work, or it is easier to iron by adding a simple hand movement  There is a way.

 First, when ironing, spread the fabric and clothing gently so as to drop it from above while spreading.

 This will make the fabric quite calm and easy to trim.

 Next, gently put the fabric and clothing on the ironing surface, move your hand to the left and right, and let the air escape so as to extend the bulge.

 If power is applied at this time, the cloth or clothing itself will move, making it more difficult to iron, so please gently let out the swelling and air without applying force.

 Then, just add this hand-extending movement before ironing, which makes it much easier to iron.

 And the point to iron is

 Do not move fabric or clothing as much as possible while ironing.

 I think this is the most important point.

 At first glance, it seems natural, but ordinary people who usually iron hard work hard to iron, and in fact, I think that there are many people who do not really do this stretching.

 Before ironing

 "Easy to iron"

 Please try to iron the work by all means.

 I think everyday ironing will go more smoothly than before.

 Content that is valuable to everyone who wants to know👍


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